Today I salute my hero ...

Kia ora tātou.

I use twitter quite a lot. I use it to record moments of my own learning capturing images and small notes. I use it to follow ideas and themes - admittedly predominately in the education world! I also share moments of my job which I'm unashamedly proud of because it's the greatest job in the world. You must be so envious of me!

Today was different when I came across a tweet from the comedian Norm MacDonald in which he made a moving tribute to Robin Williams. The series of tweets speak for themselves and I must admit to my own feelings of regret and loss that the world has lost such an artist who brought joy to the hearts of so many.

Thanks Norm, for the many thoughts and reflections that came from reading your tweets, one such thought was to salute one of my own heroes.

Jennifer & I at the 2014 NZEALS Conference
So, Jennifer Garvey Berger, thank you! Thank you for the generosity of your time to a stranger who has been following with much interest your work around leadership development over the past few years. When we actually met, at a principals conference last year, you were generous with your time having lunch with my colleague and I. We were able to follow up with questions that we weren't able ask in the half day session. More importantly you gave us the confidence to return to our school with the plan for a safe-to-fail experiment. Although a small moment in time it was awesome.

Well, as I mentioned in Wellington earlier this year, my colleague and I arrived back at our school to try such an experiment. I learnt so much that has helped me to begin to see who I am becoming. For a job I love so much, thank you for the learning that helps stay with the game.

So, to my hero, she who has encouraged us to take courage and venture forward like the earliest discoverers of new lands, I salute you!

Enough said at this moment.

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