Kia ora.

There was some great rugby last night, the Blues v Rebels (36-30), then there was the Highlanders v Brumbies (23-10) followed up early this morning by the Lions v Hurricanes (17-50).

Obviously the Chiefs v Sharks (24-22) on Friday was the start of some tremendous results for our NZ teams over this weekend.

I really enjoy watching the rugby; the skills, strength and speed of modern day rugby is amazing. If I lived in one of these main centres I'd be attend every game possible!

Of course, participation is a much more powerful experience than merely being an observer, and in this entry I'd like to introduce the following game that everyone should be actively involved and engaged.

Welcome to

Curriculum for the Future: The digital game 

As quoted on the NZCER website,
"Curriculum for the Future: The Digital Game is designed to generate thought-provoking conversations about learning and curriculum today and in the future. It's a fun way to think about complex ideas and it's great for playing with a group of people who care about what we will learn in the future. Players get to choose a curriculum and juggle multiple points of view as they try to convince a panel of citizens."
I'd been waiting for this digital version having already used the nondigital version with another colleague and our Student Council.

While I haven't yet found all things - I've been giving it a real good drive this morning, and I'm really interested in
  1. disseminating it to others
  2. sharing experiences with groups about the game, and
  3. addressing the question of "So, what next?"
Therefore, join me in playing this very interesting game and sharing your learning and ponderings about such a crucial matter, i.e. the Curriculum for the Future.

Mauri ora!

Video of the week - Gabe Zichermann Gamification

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