Mother's Day

Dear mum

I still miss you. Tomorrow is Mother's Day so I'm wishing you a happy mother's day.

I want you to know that even though it's been almost 30 years since you passed away your children still miss you and think about you often. Dad has been a great father to us, so tomorrow I'll ring him and wish him a happy mother's day. We're lucky to have had him for so long and we love him deeply.

When I now look back at things I realise how young he was when you passed away and I can't even begin to image how scared he must of been. You'd be so proud of him mum - he's given everything of himself to us. And I can only imagine how much he must of loved you and still loves you. You both made an awesome couple.

You never made 46 years of age, I passed that mark late last year. I wish we had been given more time with you - to know you as adults and parents to another generation of tamariki. Our older cousins were lucky in that they knew you as young parents themselves.

Kerry and our daughters when visiting 'Aunty' 2010
There are so many things that I would have liked to have done with you mum. There are so many experiences that I'd have liked to have shared with you - the meeting of my wife Kerry and the raising of our children would be the highlights. You should know that our four daughters love their grandfather - they call him Pāpā Bro and I think they must often wonder what you were like. Their aunties and uncles (our older cousins) tell them many stories - all of them talk about your capacity for joy and celebration. In your 45 years you lived more than most others. You were amazing and your sisters and brother were lost without you. When you passed away they lost their baby sister - their special baby. They spoilt you and you loved it! Two years ago it was 'Aunty', who was the last one to pass through to where you reside and I miss her also. She was only a few months short of her ninetieth birthday.

Anyhow mum, I never got the chance to tell you what a great mum you were to us. So I hope you've figured it out.

I've written this letter for two reasons, mum. Firstly it's been a while since I last spoke to you and who I am today is as much a product of your passing away, as it is due to the time that you were here with us. I'd like to thank you for the time that I did get with you - my life is richer because of you.

Secondly, I'd like to make a wish for all tamariki in our country that they be as privileged as we were to have a mum like you. To be loved and protected.

Happy Mother's Day mum!

PS Say hello to Parekura, let him know that Shane composed a waiata for him.

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