Making a real difference!

Kia ora.

What does "making a difference" really mean?

When thinking about the context of school, this question involves a range of actions that can enhance the growth of our young people - at an intellectual level, a physical prowess/health level and of course as citizens of our community.  In this past week, much of my thinking was around making a real difference in academic achievement and in particular though the raising of literacy levels.

On Thursday and Friday I was working with a group of teachers around a particular programme entitled Pause, Prompt, Praise.  It has been used at the primary school level, however, was originally designed for the Year 9/10 levels of secondary school.  Dr Mere Berryman and Therese Ford were the facilitators of the professional learning.

Tony Howe, of Opotiki Primary, talks about the programme.  This is a useful resource for those who may not know much about this programme.

For us, they key point is that we want to make a real difference - i.e. to accelerate the learning.  There are so many things that make a difference.  Here is a list of ideas and the size of their impact - for Pause Prompt Praise, the effect size is significant.  It is an accelerated intervention.

So early next term we'll invite parents to come along and hear about the programme.  We want/need parents to participate as tutors.  So come along, ask questions and help us with our young people.  Let us be true to our mission statement "Together to Excellence".

Have a safe weekend with friends and family

Video of the week - Rethinking Learning: The 21st Century Learner | MacArthur Foundation

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